Ducks uses Caviar to deliver our food to your doorstep!

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from the kitchen. 

Served Sunday - Thursday from 5-10 pm | Friday & Saturday from 5-11 pm

*Smoked Brisket is served every Tuesday  | *Crawfish is served seasonally on Thursdays

- Check back in during the Spring time for our Whole Smoked Watermelon Hams! - 


Deviled Eggs. bergamot orange. ancho. waterchestnut.

Pickle Jar. kirby. cauliflower. beet. pepper. dill. anise.

Spicy Brisket Jerky. black peppercorn. brown sugar.

Roasted Garlic Bread. wakame butter. sourdough. 

North Fork Oysters. smoked cocktail. citrus jalapeño mignonette.

Smoked Salmon Jerky. fennel. garlic. honey.


Smoked & Aged Carrots. watercress sauce.

Wood Fired Oyster Mushroom. whipped lemon. garlic.

Smoked Duck Salad. rye berry. young chicory. pomegranate. apple. malted barley dressing.

Cured & Preserved Board. selection of aged meat & smoked ricotta.

Preserved Mussels. thyme oil. house cultured smoked butter. chive.


Smoked Celery Root Sandwich. deli-cut. truffle mustard. sourdough.

Dirty Rice. smoked lamb. andouille. pickle. rice.

Chicken Wings. oak smoke. jerk rub. chive. lime.

St. Louis Ribs. oak smoke. crab apple vinegar. mint.

Top Neck Clams. sage. peppercorn broth. heirloom tomato. charred corn.

Smoked Whole Goat Neck. royal curry. cranberry. rice (for two).


Spinach Salad. pickled sunchoke. pumpkin seed. smoked ricotta. roasted onion. 

Collard Greens. harry & ida's smoked maple bacon. 

Roasted Yukon Potatoes. pickled baby fennel. rosemary. burnt orange.


Beignets. powdered sugar. dark chocolate espresso sauce.

Smoked Pot de Crème. chocolate. chili. salted caramel whipped cream.